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Best board games online shopping Malaysia? In Magic Maze, four wizards are trying to shoplift from a mall and escape before the time runs out. There are two problems: players can only communicate by passing a nondescript game piece back and forth (that means no talking or pointing), and each player is responsible for a movement rather than a character. Yes, that means one player is responsible for making every wizard turn left, use an escalator or just walk forward. What results is a near-silent, yet chaotic experience that will stretch your family’s nonverbal communication to its limit. If that’s the sort of thing you’re into, winning the game together is about as satisfying as board games get.

You can usually tell how good a board game is when it’s got lots of special editions, and Spot It! (or ‘Dobble’, if you’re UK-based) passes that test with flying colors. As well as a classic version, alternatives featuring everything from Harry Potter to Star Wars are available. And because all of them can be completed within 15 minutes, they’re an essential purchase if you have children. No matter which one you choose, Spot It! is a more involved version of Snap; you’ve got to match pictures on a card before your opponents do. The goal is to collect cards or get rid of your current hand, and the result is a fast-paced laugh that’s easy to understand. It’s satisfying, too – yelling out a matching symbol milliseconds before your opponents do is something of a rush. Due to the fact that it doesn’t take up much space and can be played almost anywhere, this is also the perfect travel game – it’ll provide a welcome distraction regardless of whether you’re on the train or in a waiting room. The whole thing can then be put back in a bag without any fuss. In short, Spot It! is one the top board games for kids. A family-friendly style helps, but the game’s portability and straightforward – yet endlessly repeatable – mechanics seal the deal. Read even more details at

We like to say that Cosmic Encounter is the board game equivalent of Mario Kart – practice will make you better at it, but just enough wild stuff happens in each game that a beginner always has a chance of winning, which makes it great for both first-time players and veterans. The basic rules are pretty simple: every turn, a player is randomly matched with another player (an ‘encounter’), and the two must either fight (using numbered cards from their hands) or negotiate. They can invite other players to ally with them in the fight, in exchange for rewards. The idea is to be the first to have five colonies on other players’ planets, either by winning battles or negotiating well. It’s a very easy set of rules to learn. The wrinkle is that every player has a unique alien power that totally breaks those rules. One alien actually wins battles if it loses them. One alien gets to take other players’ discarded battle cards, becoming more powerful the more others use their best cards. One can just invite itself into others’ encounters as an ally even if they don’t want it, raking up the rewards. Another actually wins the whole game if it loses all of its ships, meaning no one can tell whether you’re going to try to win or intentionally lose any given battle.

Grab your friends and family for a fun game (that’s also educational, but don’t tell the kids) where players race against each other to build crossword grids. Truth be known, this game will drive you bananas! Want to get your tweens and teens to put their phones down (if only for a while) and battle their boredom? Not Parent Approved is an inappropriately appropriate hilariously funny game that was designed to reintroduce a love of family games in these screen-obsessed times. Discover additional info on