Wall graffiti painted in Sydney

Trying to find graffiti artists in Australia? While poster walls require continual maintenance and changing of posters to keep them updated, urban art by Blackbook Ink leaves a mark forever and is a fantastic way to spruce up an area and make an impression. Custom-designed murals by our truly talented graffiti artists are a marvellous initiative for a diverse range of people helping turn imagination into reality. Armed with years of experience and an extensive portfolio of accomplished works, Blackbook Ink can transform your space with style and creativity.

Graffiti history cool thing to know : Raphael represents the most perfect balance and integration of all the problems of form, space, and decorative unity that had been experimented with through the preceding century. Perfection of form is identified with the juxtaposition of the Disputation of the Holy Sacrament (1510–11; called Disputa) and the School of Athens (1509–11) in the Stanza della Segnatura at the Vatican. The later historical murals of the Stanzas reveal an increasing interest in movement. Correggio is the last of the High Renaissance mural painters. His frescoes in the cathedral and the church of San Giovanni Evangelista in Parma reflect the transition to the new concept of Mannerism.

Our graffiti artists create unique wall murals for businesses and homes. Blackbook Ink has a team of artists Australia wide. Our team liaise closely with clients to not only determine the correct style or art work but to produce unique art works to suit their needs. Take a look at our portfolio for some examples of previous wall murals and graffiti art ideas we have painted. This selection is not exclusive the style can range from realistic to edgy street art but is only limited by the client and artist’s imagination. Discover extra info at Wall Murals Melbourne.

What are the steps involved with getting an artist to paint a surface? Please have a read through “The steps taken to paint a mural” for a full break down of our process. What are the costs involved with getting a mural painted? Price is dependent on size of area to be painted. Level of detail involved as our prices can vary from low to high detail artworks. Materials required – Amount of spray paint required for project or if another medium is required. Timeframe required and access times that can be provided for installation.

Graffiti art advertising can: Make a massive impact, with amazing artwork for promotional events/stunts; Engage audiences from a huge span of demographics; Reach tens of thousands each day at our busy sites, amplified many times more online. Each project demands a unique response and there are many ways to spotlight a brand or product with a street art integrated campaign. We have worked with numerous brands and agencies to deliver a vast, varied mix of street art based events and projects. Discover additional details on Wall Murals painted in Sydney.